Lady box


This “lady box” is strictly reserved for feminine hygiene

I am grateful for the French tendency to appropriate English terms that don’t really, um, exist in our lexicon. They often involve misuse of an apostrophe, such as the shop around the corner called “Accessorie’s”, or the addition of an ‘s’ on a singular word by salespeople who will officiously correct one’s order of “un cookie” to become “un cookies,””un brownies,” “un bagels” and the like. I guess Anglophones do the same when we describe a single pressed Italian sandwich as a “panini” instead of a “panino.” But really, you wonder, what is this “lady box” doing on a blog meant to be bringing us high-minded acts of beauty and togetherness?

Today I spent three hours engaging in an unexpected act of solidarity but it took up most of my day and made me so tired that I didn’t have the energy to write it down. Hence I bring you the lady box, the spotting of which filled me with gratitude for these tiny moments in a day that spark laughter and joy. Strung together and heralded, they remind us that life is pretty hilarious, at least when it is not so sad.

-CB (not sure we have to sign these posts anymore since I’m confident you can tell the difference between photographs snapped with my phone in poor light conditions and those taken by a genuine photographer).


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