Why can’t we all be carrots?

That question sounds like it could be the title of a song by my friend Dick Turner, a bit of a Renaissance man. He posted the musing on Facebook a few days ago, alongside the following photo that has made the rounds on social networks:


Despite our hopes for a new beginning in 2016, this week started with brutal bombings and shootings that killed scores of people in Baghdad, followed by more deadly terrorist attacks in Istabul and Jakarta. Great artists like David Bowie, C.D. Wright and Alan Rickman left us far too soon.

Yet we can all determine how the rest of the week goes. I’m going to start by grabbing my favorite carrot by the hand, cranking up Turner’s song “Love Makes the World Go Round,” and making like this pair of root vegetables.

Yes some people think it’s money
Or a fancy house in town
Others think that power
Will make their world spin round

But have you ever asked yourself
Why lovers never frown?
It’s ’cause they have the answer, they know
Love makes the world go ’round

© Dick Turner 2016


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