Turn and face the strange

I think David Bowie must have ch-changed everyone he encountered.  He challenged what was normal, made it okay to be “weird,” outside of accepted boundaries.

In the days since he left his body behind, I’ve been finding new inspiration in his work, his thoughts, his words, his style.  “Today is not a dress rehearsal” is posted near my desk, but I don’t always pay attention to the message.  This week’s marathon of Bowie tributes has lit a “now is the time” fire under my ass in a unique way.  In small ways like, “Why save those peacock rhinestone earrings for Friday night’s cocktail party?  Let’s make Tuesday more fun!”  And in bigger ways, like channeling my energy early in the day, into the projects that speak most from my heart.

“Turn and face the strange” is going around and around in my head, which for me also means facing the unknown, converting the fear of mistakes or failure into the exhilaration of being in the creative process and being who you really are.



Diptych in cyanotype, Dani Voirin.


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