Wall of Love

Where once there was terror, now there is love. A whole wall of it.


“You read the prospectuses, the catalogues, the posters that sing out loud. Here’s poetry this morning and for prose there are newspapers.”

When her neighborhood was hit by terrorists on November 13, like most local residents, artisan jeweler Diana Kami didn’t know what to do.

She told my colleague at France 24 that she dropped her daughter off at school on the Monday after the attacks and found herself instintively decorating the school’s outside wall, which stretches for a block along rue Alibert just steps from  Le Carillon and Le Petit Cambodge, where many people died that terrible night.

Several other mothers noticed and asked the local government for permission to cover the whole wall, now nicknamed the “Mur de l’Amour,” with inspirational murals. They even raised 500 euros to cover the cost of paint.

Since then, street and graffiti artists have flocked to rue Alibert to make their own contributions. Here’s what Dani saw there.


Liberty and equality, snakes, hearts and airplanes



The weapon of peace is the wall of love.


Rue Alibert, across from St. Louis hospital, looking towards the intersection with rue Bichat and Le Carillon.



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