Hope coupons

I saw this flyer on a wall in central Paris. It reads:

Hope coupons to take away

Terrorism has no religion

In memory of the 129 [now 130] victims and the 352 injured in the Paris attacks of Friday November 13, 2015.

In memory of the 43 victims and the 239 injured in the Beirut attacks of Thursday, November 12, 2015

The strength of words surpasses the strength of weapons.


© Christine Buckley, November, 2015

It was reassuring to note that all the vouchers (with a phone number, a guru’s Instagram feed or God’s personal email address?) had been ripped off.

I’ve created my own version with our address, so that people who want to unite in taking small actions can find each other more easily.

Download the English flyer here et téléchargez la version française ici. Want to translate the flyer into another language? Please let us know and we’ll upload it here.

A thin veil

I know it doesn’t look like it, but the light in this photo says to me, “the veil between us and sunlight is thinning!”  And the hope of a ray of sun shining through the Paris winter grey is almost as good as feeling it on your skin.


Looking over the Buttes Chaumont on an early winter morning.

Living in Paris has trained me not to look at the weather forecast.  I keep my expectations low, roll with the diffuse light, and then am pleasantly surprised when it brightens.  And it always does.