Poetry, not terror



“Even one act of self-irony is the first step towards knowing the self.”  – J. Lentini (Poetry, not terror)

I saw this flyer taped to the side of a container for recycling glass in central Paris. It made me think of the journalists and staff at Charlie Hebdo, gunned down during their editorial meeting exactly a year ago today, along wth a police officer. The following day, a policewoman was killed in Montrouge and on January 9, five more people died buying their groceries at a kosher supermarket.

Obviously, we need more poetry.

(If anyone knows anything about the poet, please let him know we’re fans. I’m pretty sure it’s not Giacomo da Lentini, because he was writing in 13th-century Sicilian).

This J. Lentini has a long list of publications but he looks far too busy to have penned a line like this, in Spanish no less.

My musician friend Mathieu pointed out the sticker in the upper left-hand corner (which I hadn’t even noticed), belonging to an extremist party that tries to spin itself as far-left even though it used to be quite friendly with the National Front and counts anti-Semitic comedian Dieudonné among its fans.

Further proof that we shouldn’t count on politicians to bring us their brand of “égalité” and “réconciliation.”